Train Blocks is an exciting game for kids and adults. Build your city with bright blocks. Use the projection workspace to create digital roads, tracks and bridges for cars, boats, trains and planes by placing wooden blocks on the surface. Watch the cityscape come to life!

Create a colorful world!

About product:

Train Blocks is an interactive installation in which you can build your own unique city on the principle of a constructor. The projection surface reacts to the location, color, and size of the blocks, creating objects on the virtual map. So, by placing several identical blocks together, you can create a road, river, or bridge. Around them, a living city gradually grows, which develops as other blocks are placed, and also reacts to their movements. Such game inspires children, develops spatial and logical thinking, and arouses interest in technology.

And for adults, it will be wonderful entertainment and will give a lot of fun.

Custom-tuned cameras and projectors enable Train Blocks technology with unlimited scalability and virtually any surface, from a tabletop to a 100+ square meter room. In addition, Digital Moo provides a lot of opportunities for customization, branding, and personalization of graphics. The design team will work with you to make your idea or wish a reality.

Use cases


Train Blocks is a unique opportunity to introduce the wonderful world of interactive entertainment to a child. A unique graphic component will allow you to immerse yourself in a fascinating world and learn a lot about new technologies. Embark on an exciting journey with Train Blocks. Play and create!


Train Blocks is a great learning tool for a child. It is ideal for teamwork in schools, kindergartens, educational institutions. Develops memory, attention, logic and imagination.


Train Blocks is an unusual way to attract visitors. Ideal for those who are looking for non-standard solutions for advertising or events. Its flexibility makes it suitable for all ages and audiences.