Wooden slingshot is a controller with a built-in touchscreen based on the Android operating system for interactive scenes or games.

GAMING experience

About product:

SMS Slingshot is an innovative game controller in retro style. The body of the product is made of natural oak, with a built-in touch screen based on the Android operating system, intended for the original presentation of your product.

SMS Slingshot can operate in multiple modes: as a game controller that allows you to shoot prearranged phrases or objects; and as an interactive touch screen that allows you to enter the text like a wish, congratulations, etc.

Then display it on the main screen by aiming at the stage on the screen or projected surface.

In complex with our product, we provide a set of gaming and entertainment scenes, with SMS Slingshot software and a game controller. In addition to existing solutions, we develop an individual game or scene upon the client's request.

SMS Slingshot provides
a unique gaming

Use cases


Bring your exhibition stand to life and engage your audience with our products and solutions. Simple and fast installation, correct operation at a minimum distance of 2-2.5 meters and support for all types of screens. You won't have to worry about allocating additional space on your stand anymore.


Break the mould of entertainment with our products and solutions. Themed scenes and games for any event. For example, the scene, where guests can decorate the Christmas tree by shooting toys at it or writing greetings, will help make your party memorable.


We offer the development of custom interactive advertising scenes, games in which users interact with scene objects or play mini‑games, thereby earning coupons and discounts.