Software for exhibitions, conferences, and other events, which transmits photos of the digital camera over Wi-Fi, adds visual effects and provides a way to share them on social networks.

Broadcast live photos of your event

About product:

PhotoWall interactive system lets your visitors share photos from your event in a simple way. A photographer takes photos and these photos get downloaded from the digital camera by PhotoWall software automatically over Wi-Fi and then get displayed on a large touch panel. Visitors come to the stand with the touch panel, select photos and share them via email or post to the social networks.

Graphic filters (grayscale, sepia, etc.) can be added to the photos before publication and the photos can be watermarked with the client's corporate logo. A customizable list of event sponsor logos is available on the screen. The visual style of the PhotoWall software can be changed to correspond to the colors and graphics of the customer's brand.

PhotoWall supports sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, FourSquare, VK and sharing via email.

Support of other social networks can be added upon request. Photos can be shared to users' wall or to the event's page on Facebook. Custom hashtags can be added to Twitter posts, custom signatures can be added to the emails, messages for social networks can be pre-configured.

Photo Wall can fit into any type of space or venue, including hotels, family entertainment centers, visitor centers, malls, and much more.

This interactive Photo Wall has many uses and can be combined with our other solutions as well to create a fun and entertaining space for guests of all ages.

spread a buzz about your Event via social networks

Use cases


Let your visitors talk about your exhibit on social media. Photos can be taken by a digital photographer or by your visitors using the digital camera attached to the PhotoWall stand. Photos can be shared on user pages on social networks, which will increase the number of people that are aware of your event.


Make your party unforgettable by adding the unique photo experience. Let your friends take the photos using PhotoWall support and share those photos on Facebook or Twitter. You may take group photos and send them to your friends by email. You can even become a digital photographer, take photos of everyone who has come to your party, and then let them save these photos by sending them to their own emails.


Help your visitors and speakers share their experiences and feedback from your conference with ease. Photos and feedback can be posted on your event page on Facebook, tweeted using pre-defined hashtags on Twitter, sent by email, etc. Feedback messages can be saved to the file and sent to you automatically by email for further processing.