Funzeum is an unusual educational and entertainment complex that offers visitors interactive learning through the game. Here science and art go hand in hand.

Funzeum Gliwice, Poland Europa Centralna Shopping mall


Create 2 interactive zones:

Interactive projectionAnimation that reacts to movement and touch. It is a structure that consists of 2 perpendicular walls. The total length more than 17 meters. We also needed 4 projectors and 4 DEPS cameras.

We have installed 3 interactive scenes. Digital waterfall from which it is impossible to look away. A rain of letters and numbers that will not leave you indifferent. And enchanting pure energy in perpetual motion.

The projection reacts to your movements. You can change the direction of the waterfall as you wish, turn the energy into sparks, or collect words from falling symbols.

Draw & Scan sceneDraw & Scan is a stitched together projection 22 meters long and 2.8 meters high. For this design, we needed 6 projectors connected to one central server.

The user paints a pre‑prepared template, scans the drawing using a special application or a scanner, after which this drawing appears in an animated 3D scene.

The customer chose to use Android tablets to scan the drawings.

We have installed 3 game scenes: Aquarium with colorful fish, Butterflies with colorful butterflies, and Interactive wood with cute animals that users complete with their characters.

The screen sizes stagger the imagination and take your breath away, immersing you in a magical world.

We have developed the software and customized it to the needs of the client. We prepared a site for the installation of metal structures with the help of local subcontractors. Furthermore, we did everything necessary: prepared and painted the walls, made the structures according to the drawings; securely installed them on the concrete ceiling, and made the cable connections.

Upon arrival, we checked the reliability and safety of structures and cable connections in cooperation with local contractors. They also installed and connected projectors, cameras, and other equipment necessary for work, and set up the software.

I would like to thank @funzeum_pl and personally @adamwicher and @bartlomiej.p.

And also thanks to everyone with whom we worked on this project for an innovative installation museum.