Draw a graffiti masterpiece without the annoying smell of paint, and even without the paint at all. Use the infrared spray can and projection screen for drawing anything you want!

Unleash your creativity

About product:

Digital Graffiti technology uses the projection screen and infrared spray can for creating the drawing on it. When you press the button on the infrared spray can, it emits the infrared light, which then gets tracked by the camera connected to the computer. Special software converts the light into the virtual image on the projection screen.

The resulting image can then be shared to social networks or sent by email. Different drawing techniques can be used for the creation of digital graffiti drawings: spraying, photo effects, stamps etc. depending on the graphics editor software.

Digital Graffiti interactive system works with any graphics editor and the functions may vary depending on the client's needs. You can use your favourite graphics editor with Digital Graffiti and simplify the painting process or add special effects.

Any graphics software can be used with Digital Graffiti interactive installation. You can use all the powerful features of graphics software (brushes of different styles and intensities, different colors etc.) and create wonderful drawings easily.

Unleash your creativity
and draw the wonderful graffiti

Use cases


Engage visitors to leave feedback about your exhibition as a text or drawing and share it on social media. Everyone will be happy to try street art without protective suits and a limited color palette. Thanks to modern graphics editors, the choice of size, color, material or brush are only a few clicks away from the user. With Digital Graffiti each will create their own masterpiece.


Digital Graffiti interactive system will liven your party with unique graffiti without paint. The artist draws portraits of your visitors and sends them by e‑mail, shares them on the page of your event on the social network or website. Combining modern technology and street art will make your party unforgettable.


Visitors or artists can color the 2D image of your product and then use 3D mapping to project the image onto your product. This solution is successfully used by car manufacturers in presentations of new car models. Another possible use is a competition where customers draw your product with digital graffiti and the best drawings are awarded with discounts, coupons or other prizes.