May 26, 2019

Interactive Soccer Game

in Installations

We’ve just finished implementing the new version of interactive soccer game powered by Microsoft Kinect 2 sensor. The game itself is developed using Unity 3D and uses multiple projectors for displaying the game field and animations.

interactive Soccer Game Demo

Apr 1, 2017

Touch Photo Wall for Volvo Cars Korea

in Process

We have finished working on our new product – Touch PhotoWall. The first installation of this product has been done for presentation of Volvo V90 Cross Country by Volvo Cars Korea.

Here you can see a couple of screenshots which show the initial UI screen, camera preview and the process of setting up the environment.

SMS Slingshot for Electronics Store

Nov 8, 2016 in Installations

Last week DigitalMoo provided the interactive media support for opening of the new electronics retail store by in Kyiv. SMS Slingshot has been used with the promo game where users could shoot the puzzle tiles and win the prizes.

Oct 15, 2016

Interactive Floor with Multiple Projectors

in Installations

We have just finished working on Interactive Floor installation for KidZone toy shop in the largest shopping mall in Korea, Starfield. The installation is powered by 3 projectors and 2 infrared cameras. The projection size is 5×2 meters. Using the large projection area we can deliver much more fun to our clients and their customers!

Interactive Advertising. Workshop

Dec 22, 2015 in Process

Our interactive Kinect-powered advertising solutions help our clients to make their brand recognizable and attract more customers. Today we want to show you a video from our workshop, which shows one of possible solutions for interactive advertising. The interactive ad has been developed for one of world’s most popular brands. Which one? Watch the video and you’ll see.

Designing the New Slingshot

Dec 16, 2015 in Process

Interactive system is not only software. It is a complex solution which includes the software part, hardware and infrastructure. Here are several photos from our workshop where the new version of SMS Slingshot game controller, which is, definitely, a hardware part of the interactive system, is being developed. With love and passion, as usual.