AR Furniture is an app‑catalog with different categories and types of furniture, integrated into augmented reality.



Create an AR application for Android and iOS, and a web‑based admin panel for convenient use of the furniture range.

With an AR‑enabled application, anybody can pick up furniture by accessing the company's 3D product range. A convenient format for selecting goods by space categories and furniture types with auto‑grouping.

We've developed an augmented reality app for iDECIMA that helps consumers find the furniture that interests them. Like a sofa, table, or bookshelf in 3D, places it in the right place to check the size and functionality.

Because of this, the problem of the wrong sizes that purchasers face is minimized.

This platform helps the client to attract the target audience and present furniture products interactively.

Supported 3D model formats: OBJ and FBX. The configuration options for the model are specified in the FBX file of the model. In addition, depending on the configurable parameter types, FBX may include multiple configurations or parts of the object, all desired colors, textures.

The administrator through the web admin panel can create, delete, edit categories, product types and a list of brands. Additionally, in the app, you can view the models in VR and 3D mode without AR.

We thank iDECIMA for their successful collaboration. We hope to maintain respectable partnerships in future projects.